SiriusXM Integration with WebManager and WebManager Lite!

Equip Your Customers with SiriusXM at No Cost!

features siriusxmpreownedprogram SiriusXM Integration with WebManager and WebManager Lite!

AutoManager now offers our loyal customers the opportunity to give SiriusXM® on every pre-owned vehicle that is factory-equipped with satellite radio. After you enroll in the SiriusXM Pre-Owned Program, all you have to do is activate the SiriusXM Dealer Demo Service* on all your equipped vehicles on your lot through WebManager. Your customers will enjoy the added benefit of a Free** 3-Month Trial, courtesy of your dealership and SiriusXM.

Add Value to Each Vehicle on Your Lot.

Ensuring the Demo Service is active on every pre-owned factory-equipped vehicle on your lot gives your potential customers another reason to purchase a vehicle from your dealership. The SiriusXM interface within WebManager allows you to easily identify which vehicles are equipped and send an activation signal to the vehicles.

The Demo Service transitions seamlessly into the 3-Month Trial, so your customers can enjoy over 140 channels, including commercial-free music, plus sports, news, talk and entertainment. You’ll enjoy another way of thanking them for purchasing from your dealership.The demand for more in-vehicle technology has increased, so giving your customers a free 3-Month Trial to SiriusXM may encourage them to purchase their next car from you instead of your competitor.

  • All vehicles that are factory-equipped are eligible (50% of cars manufactured since 2009 are equipped).
  • Over 140 channels come with the FREE 3-month trial for your customers.
  • Enrolling and participating in the SiriusXM Pre-Owned Program is at no cost to you or your potential customers.


Black Book Valuation within AutoManager

BlackBook 300x296 Black Book Valuation within AutoManager Dealerships have been trying to find a way to not overpay for a vehicle. One of the best solutions in accomplishing paying the right price for a vehicle is the use of Black Book. Black Book is a valuation tool that offers an up-to-date valuation on any vehicle.

AutoManager now offers Black Book integration within all of their three platforms: DeskManager, WebManager, and AutoManager.Mobile.

Black Book works seamlessly with all three platforms and helps provide dealerships with three valuations: one for wholesale, one for retail, and one for trade-in value. The first step is to enter in a vehicle’s VIN number. On AutoManager.Mobile, a user has the ability to snap a picture of the VIN number and the application will decode the VIN.

The second step would be to enter the condition of the car. There are four options for condition; Extra Clean, Clean, Average, and Rough. The final step is to enter the mileage of the car. Once these three steps are completed, Black Book will provide three valuations: wholesale, retail, and trade-in.

Black Book is used by OEM’s and lenders because of the extensive data that is offered by the company. Black Book also is very useful during fast paced auctions. With the use of AutoManager.Mobile, dealerships will have the ability to seamlessly valuate vehicles during fast paced auctions.

Black Book offers intricate data along with a powerful valuation tool integrated directly in all three of AutoManager’s platforms. With the use of Black Book within AutoManager’s applications, it will make it much easier to learn the value of your car without spending hours of time trying to do so.

Auto Video YouTube Posting

Video Vehicle Listing

With the recent addition of video listings for vehicles arrived an opportunity to reach out to customers in a more interactive way.  WebManager’s added functionality of video listings is simple and effective. Whenever a vehicle is placed in staging mode it needs to be prepared for the video. All that is needed to be done on the WebManager’s users end is to type in a description about the car and the current specials, if applicable. Once the video is fully prepared and ready to go live, the video will also be ready to share on your website. A video vehicle listing includes all of the pictures that were uploaded by the WebManager user along with your choice of background music. Also in the video is scrolling text that describes the details of the vehicle listing. These details include; make and model, mileage, key features, etc. The most important feature to WebManager’s video vehicle listings is the custom voice over that transcribes the text into audio format. If your customers don’t enjoy reading and love listening, then this will be perfect for them. Considering how popular television and radio advertising is, it is quite obvious that customers love to hear and see rather than read and absorb.

Auto Video YouTube Posting

features autovideoyoutubeposting 300x192 Auto Video YouTube Posting
Auto Video YouTube Posting

You were probably wondering, “It’s so great that I can now have video vehicle listings, but I don’t want to have to upload them online by myself, that takes WAY too much time.” Well, there is no need to worry about uploading your videos manually because of the Auto Video YouTube Posting integration in WebManager. As soon as your video vehicle listing goes live from staging, the video automatically is posted to YouTube. Your YouTube post will include the video vehicle listing, the description text within YouTube’s description, and back links to each listing and to your website. Now you can show your customers your videos by sending them to biggest video content website in the world, YouTube. YouTube states that over 6 billion hours of content is watched per month on their website. YouTube is also set up on all mobile devices which is great because your customers can see your listings anywhere at all times. The best part about it; it’s all automated for you.


SEO Benefits With Auto Video YouTube Posting in WebManager, your websites SEO will improve. YouTube is one of the top ten most visited websites on the Internet and any links from YouTube to your website means that your SEO will improve. Each of your postings will have two links; one to your website and a direct link to each listing. With these back links floating around YouTube, along with your video (high quality content), your website will enjoy an improvement with SEO. Click here to read more about the features and benefits of Video Vehicle Listing and the Auto Video YouTube Posting. Examples of YouTube Vehicle Video Listing.

How to Avoid Getting “Ghosted” on Craigslist

Today is Halloween, a holiday which celebrates the strange and supernatural, and it seems appropriate to discuss ghosts. Every year, ghosts materialize to trick or treat as bed sheets with eye-holes. But when it comes to Craigslist, being ghosted is anything but fun and games.

In fact, ghosting and flagging can be costing you deal after deal. The horrifying thing is that you could be none the wiser. But what exactly is ghosting and why should you and your business be afraid?

gb2 How to Avoid Getting “Ghosted” on Craigslist

I Don’t See Dead People

Ghosting is an appropriate term applied to posts that have been made invisible by Craigslist. These posts cannot be seen by users searching the listings, so auto dealers will not get any leads from these ads. Worse still, Craigslist will not inform the poster that his or her post has been ghosted, unlike flagging. As a result, ghosting is something to avoid at all costs because these “dead” posts cannot be seen, even with a sixth sense.

Understanding Craigslist

Craigslist is a website that takes the concept of newspaper-like advertising to the online sphere. At its core, Craigslist aims to serve individuals seeking other individuals, whether they aim to conduct business or otherwise.

As a result, Craigslist does not take kindly to mass advertisers who would like to promote their products on this website. True, advertising on Craigslist can be tremendously beneficial and profitable. But at its core, Craigslist does not want these kinds of posts and actively seeks to construct barriers to business advertising.

Manual vs. Automated Craigslist Posting

Though the majority of businesses won’t have trouble posting individual advertisements manually, the same cannot be said for automated Craigslist posting services. These services must find a way to maneuver around the undisclosed factors that contribute to posts being flagged and ghosted.

However, while these services pose some risk to listings, what businesses have the time and funds to post each advertisement separately? As a dealer, you may need to upload hundreds of vehicle advertisements, but how do you strike a balance between fast posting and getting ghosted?

Who You Gonna Call?

WebManager, the AutoManager online dealer marketing platform, conveniently features a Craigslist auto posting utility that puts the power in your hands to post at your discretion. Not only can you automatically import your vehicles to Craigslist, but WebManager conveniently informs you if your vehicle listing was ghosted. While other Craigslist automatic posting functions will limit the amount that you can post, WebManager gives you unlimited posting power. But don’t forget that posting too much and too quickly will do more harm than good!

Craigslist Automatic Posting Tips

Though you have the option of posting as much as you want, posting your entire inventory at once will not be effective. You’ll essentially be shooting yourself in the foot. For more effective use of the Craigslist auto posting utility, here are a few suggestions for habits to avoid getting your posts flagged and/or ghosted:

•    Post Frequency – Do not post more than 10-15 vehicles on any one day, especially to start out. Even after posting consistently, try to post less than 40 cars every two days to avoid penalties.

•    Timing – WebManager gives users the option to adjust the amount of time between each vehicle post. Giving more time in between posts will appear more human, and posts will be more likely to stick. In contrast, listings posted too quickly in a row will be more likely to be flagged or ghosted.

•    Reposting – As a rule, do not repost a vehicle within 2-3 days of its original posting. Listings will stay in search engines depending on how many listings are posted in that area, so areas with less Craigslist posting should be more careful and infrequent when reposting.

•    Prefixes and Suffixes – Adding prefixes and suffixes, such as “Guaranteed Financing” and “Excellent Condition” can help attract attention from customers, but overuse is not recommended. Create a list of 10 prefixes and suffixes to apply and stagger their use; do not post a batch of vehicles all with the same prefix or suffix.

The best recommendation is really just to err on the side of caution when using the Craigslist auto posting utility. Knowing that Craigslist actively works against automated posting functions, it is wise to try and post inconspicuously. Avoid large batch posts and overly-frequent reposting. Once you have established a safe posting frequency, feel free to experiment with batch sizes and more frequent uploads. If you are just starting out, take a more restrained approach at first. And remember, always beware of ghosts!

How Retargeting Can Snag More Leads for Your Dealership

 How Retargeting Can Snag More Leads for Your DealershipIf you’re like a lot of dealers, you probably have an antagonistic relationship with pay-per-click advertising, or PPC. While it does bring leads, they come at a price that steadily rises with the local competition.

As the major PPC platforms like AdWords and Bing Ads roll out more and more features to shuffle the deck and create opportunities for savvy advertisers to stand out, the management of a PPC campaign, let alone several campaigns, becomes an ever more complex task. But retargeting–the practice of displaying ads only to people who have already visited your website–is one new advertising option that is beautiful in its simplicity.

How Traditional Pay-Per-Click Works

In traditional pay-per click, you pay to place text ads on the top and sides of search engine results for the keywords you’ve bid on. Your only method of determining whether someone is a potential customer or not is by guessing what a potential customer might search for, and bidding on those keywords.

That’s great if what you’re selling is relatively unique. But auto dealers have the dual challenge of A.) having plenty of competition and B.) having a hugely varied set of inventory. If you stay general with your keywords, (i.e. “used cars Akron”) your budget will inflate because the competition you’re bidding against creates a higher cost per click. If you get granular and bid on keywords for all the most common makes and models you sell, you’ll start running up a large budget because of the volume of your keywords. And with such a huge set of keywords and ad groups to manage, your account could become difficult to maintain.

How Retargeting Works

Instead of forcing you to filter through a massive audience of searchers, retargeting shows ads only to people who have already visited your dealership site, encouraging them to take another look. If you use AdWords, your ads will start appearing on any website that’s part of the Google Display Network, and the familiarity factor should help them grab more attention. Google gives you a very easy tool to create professional-quality display ads in every dimension in about 15 minutes.

For dealers, this is a great opportunity to dangle an extra carrot to lure the visitor back and encourage a final decision. You might consider putting a special offer in your retargeting ads that links shoppers back to a lead capture form where they can claim it. (If you’re not sure how to do this, just ask us.)

Though the display ads used in most retargeting campaigns tend to get a lower conversion rate than text ads, each click is typically much cheaper. Display ads are sort of like billboards–they can influence visitors to return to your website and convert later, even if they don’t click right now. These conversions are called view-through conversions, and though it’s difficult to say whether each one is directly caused by your ads. they should be considered when gauging the effectiveness of your retargeting campaigns.

How to Get Started

For retargeting to work, you must add script to your website that plants a cookie on the computer of each customer who visits your website. (This is legal in most of the world, including the U.S., but requires consent for websites hosted in the European Union.) You must also create display ads to be used in the campaign.

Google AdWords has a drag-and-drop, template-based tool for designing display ads of all sizes in just a few minutes, but you can also use your own custom designs in a variety of image formats–both animated and static. Bing Ads doesn’t currently include retargeting in its interface, but you can create your own ads for the Microsoft Display Network, which includes Bing and Yahoo web properties.

Click ahead to read the Google AdWords guide to retargeting (or “remarketing,” as Google calls it).


All Dealer Mobile Websites Are Not Created Equal

premiumphone 176x300 All Dealer Mobile Websites Are Not Created EqualIf you haven’t heard, making your dealership website accessible to mobile visitors is a big, big deal.

Shoppers are rapidly taking to smartphones to do their vehicle research. By the end of 2013, Cisco predicts there will be more smartphones and tablets on Earth than people.

These devices see the web differently than computers, and dealers that want to capture leads from mobile need a different approach. So last year we added mobile websites to each WebManager plan at no additional cost. These mobile websites reorganized your directions, contact info and inventory into a format that’s much easier to navigate on a touchscreen mobile device.

This year, we’re going several steps further. Our new Premium mobile websites add extra layers of both design and function, delivering a branded, custom experience that is especially great at maximizing your online leads.

new premium3 200x300 All Dealer Mobile Websites Are Not Created EqualWhat’s different about a Premium mobile site?

One of the most important features is the “Share” button, exclusive to Premium mobile websites. This button at the top of every vehicle listing lets viewers instantly share your vehicle via Facebook post, tweet or email with others who might be in the market to purchase.

That extra attention doesn’t just have sales value–it also has SEO value. Social sharing is one way search engines determine the value of a page, and over time, it can improve your search position.

Premium mobile websites also pump up your social value with direct links to your dealership’s social media accounts on the home page. This is a fantastic way to get more fans and followers, and ultimately build loyalty.

PWsociallinks 300x300 All Dealer Mobile Websites Are Not Created Equal

Of course, the most obvious upgrade with Premium mobile websites is the styling. Simply put, they look awesome. Though they’re pictured here in black-and-red, Premium websites can be developed in a variety of color schemes to match the look of a dealer’s traditional website. They also allow for a custom logo that viewers see on top of nearly every mobile page. Over time, this branding repetition ingrains your dealership’s name in the visitor’s head and makes it recognizable when they pass you on the road.

Should I get one?

We created this upgrade because we think the future of auto sales depends on having an especially strong mobile experience. At a $295 one-time upgrade fee, it’s an especially awesome value if you intend to keep your WebManager site up for more than a few months. Your Premium site will stay Premium as long as you’re our customer.

But of course, the best way to decide is to check it out yourself. Type the following address into your smartphone or tablet (this will not work on a computer):

If you like what you see, give us a call at (800) 300-2808!

WebManager Offers Mobile Websites for Car Dealers

We’ve got a new video out today explaining why it’s so important for dealers to have a mobile website. It also shows you a nice preview of what our mobile websites look like and how they might be used by a car shopper.

When we introduced our mobile websites last year, we felt they were so critical to the success of every dealer that we decided to include them at no extra cost in all WebManager plans. If you like what you see, you can test out your very own mobile website by signing up for a free trial of WebManager.




Can Dealerships Use Twitter’s New ‘Vine’ Video App ?

vine Can Dealerships Use Twitters New Vine Video App ?
Twitter's new video sharing service might become a powerful promotional tool for businesses, including dealerships.

If you haven’t kept up  with the tech press this week, you may have missed a fantastic new opportunity to share your vehicles with consumers. It’s called Vine, and Twitter hopes it will do for video what their 140-character limit did for the written word.

Vine’s approach to video editing and sharing is beautifully simple. The app records no more than six seconds of video using the camera on your smarphone, and only records when you’re touching the screen. By tapping your finger, you can make creative stop-motion segments or simple cuts in no time. When you’re done, you can share your creation with your followers in on the Vine network, and more importantly, on your Twitter or Facebook account.

For dealers, who probably don’t have time to sit down and edit video the traditional way, the simplicity of Vine has interesting potential. In under a minute, you can you can create an exciting full-motion video of your Honda S2000 with the hood opening, the tachometer needle revving, and the top folding down. A really savvy marketing team might post that video on an S2000 message board or tweet it at one of Honda’s corporate Twitter accounts, where it could potentially get exposed to thousands of viewers.

We can also foresee scenarios in which dealers use a Vine video to advertise a sales promotion by cutting between clips of employees holding signs. Or advertise their service department by showing before-and-after clips of a repair or detailing. How creative you get with Vine is really up to you, but here are some cool examples about how major brands are already using it.

For more information on how to download and use Vine, check out this introductory post on Twitter’s official blog.

Does DeskManager dealer management software run on a Mac?

overview display hero Does DeskManager dealer management software run on a Mac?
DeskManager can operate efficiently on a Mac -- but you'll need to access it from a cloud server.

Here’s a question we get fairly often at AutoManager.

Although PCs remain the most common business machines worldwide, and by a wide margin, we know some dealers work on Mac computers. And several have asked us whether we’re developing a version of DeskManager DMS that runs on a Mac.

The answer to that immediate question is “No.” We’ve decided to focus on continually improving and upgrading our Windows product at a pace that we just couldn’t match if we had to simultaneously develop each change for the Mac platform.

But chin up, Apple fans. DeskManager can already run on your Mac. (In fact, for a few very technical reasons, it might perform faster than it does on Windows.) But if you want to use DeskManager on your Mac (or even an iPad), you’ll need to access it through a cloud server.

What’s a cloud server?

A cloud server is a remote location where your software is installed, maintained and accessed over a network, rather than having it installed and maintained on your own computer. Nowadays you can securely access software that’s on a server computer and view/control it from almost any internet-capable device, including smartphones and tablets. Once you load the software, it should behave much the same as it would on your computer.

There are several reasons you might want to do this, beyond the ability to use DeskManager on a Mac.

  1. It eliminates IT costs. When hardware issues arise, it’s your hosting company’s responsibility to fix them. And they have a compelling reason to do it quickly, because it likely affects their whole client base (and thus, their source of profit).
  2. It’s faster. A common fear about cloud-hosted software is that it will get slowed down by your internet connection. The truth is, many processes are actually quicker. Business servers typically have many times more computing power than the desktops at your dealership. Most of the information that has to be sent over the internet for DeskManager to work is simple commands. So unless your connection is uncommonly slow, DeskManager should zip along on the cloud.
  3. It allows you to use DeskManager  on a mobile device. Let’s say one of your salespeople is on a test drive with a potential buyer, and wants to submit a credit check from the road to speed things along. They can actually do that with a cloud-based DeskManager and a web-enabled tablet or mobile phone.

How do I get started?

Plenty of reputable cloud hosting businesses exist, but it’s important to choose one you absolutely trust with your data. We highly recommend due to their familiarity with our software, competitive pricing and our absolute confidence in their commitment to data privacy.

You’ll also need an RDP client for each device you want to connect to DeskManager. PocketCloud is a popular, free RDP client for iPhone and iPad, and Microsoft’s official RDP client does a great job on Mac computers.

Build Your Dealership’s Trust Factor with Testimonials

testimonials Build Your Dealerships Trust Factor with Testimonials
WebManager can now put testimonials wherever you'd like on your dealer website.

Do your customers have great things to say about you? Now you can proudly display those words in eye-catching testimonials, thanks to yet another useful new feature for WebManager users.

When you create a new testimonial by filling out a few text boxes, we style it automatically into a rounded speech bubble that stands out on your homepage. To see for yourself, log into WebManager and go to Settings > Website > Testimonials.

Type your customer’s name and any other information you’d like to include with your testimonial. Then, add the quote you’d like to display on your page.  With WebManager’s drag-and-drop website editor, you can put it wherever you want – in a single column or across the entire page. You can even animate these testimonials, making them scroll or fade to your liking.

Want help designing a totally unique and highly functional website? AutoManager offers a wide range of professional design services for WebManager clients, and offers free design webinars every week. Contact an account rep at (800) 300-2808 for details.